It’s all about Fall, Y’all!!

I am not going to lie, Fall has always been my favorite season. I just love the crisp cool air, changing of the leaves and most of all pumpkins!! Now, when I say love, I mean LOVE!!. When I pulled out my Fall décor a few weeks ago, I realized my love had turned into an obsession. As you can see in the picture below, I have become a pumpkin hoarder. Though I have to say I wasn’t sure at first what to do with all of those pumpkins.

IMG_0386I did decide I wanted to take a new approach of what style of décor I wanted to use for my Fall decorating. After spending a few hours, or more:) on Pinterest, I found I was really drawn to soft neutral tones. I started with the dining room table, since it is for me, well.., the most fun to do up. Below is photo showcasing my Fall table design.


As you can see it is simple, yet pretty. I think it turn out beautiful and is still functional to use for any meal. You may also my sweet black kitty in the background, which also adds an adorable design element to any décor!:) The last place I tackled was the coffee table. I really like how it looks and fits in with the theme nicely.


Again simple, yet pretty. The two round things down in the left hand corner are marble coasters. I really wanted them white, so they can be very versatile and go with many of my ever changing home décor. Well, in the end, I still have some more left. I will leave them for another day, so check back in a week and I will have more Fall décor to show.


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