Vanity Tour and Tips on How You Can Keep it Organized!

Over the three years that I have owned my vanity, I have reorganized it many times because my needs tend to change through the years. Today I am letting you guys get a glimpse of how I set up my vanity to make it easier for me to get ready in the morning. First, here is picture of what it looks like:


As you can see it is composed of 3 drawers, which provide great storage. As you guys can also see, sitting on the top of the piece, I have a basket, little white tray, a mirror and 2 apothecary jars.

IMG_0144In the basket I keep my HUGE Estee Lauder makeup pallet along with body spray, deodorant, tanning spray, and 2 hairsprays. The only reason I keep the makeup pallet in there is because it is too large to fit anywhere else. Other wise it would only be lotions and sprays. Baskets offer function and come in all kinds of pretty colors and designs.

IMG_0147My tray contains the makeup pallet I use the most often as well as the lotions I really love. And of course I had to decorate it with a pumpkin for the fall. I bought this tray at Target as a set several years ago. Trays are a must have. They make vanities look more organized and can serve as a great way to contain items in one place for quick and easy access. I recommend putting the items you use the most often on it to make getting ready in the morning go smoother.


Now, These two apothecary jars are my favorite display pieces.  I love the way they look and they also can be used for storing so many things. Now lets take a peak inside the drawers.


Drawer dividers are a must have for anyone who wears make-up. Nothing is worse then trying to dig through a make-up or container, trying to find products. Drawer organizers allow for all of your items to be easily visible. You can find them at Target, Walmart, and many other retailers.

IMG_0155Both side drawers came with velvet covered organizers. Since they were small I decided to purchase a clear container to store hair clips, ties, etc.

IMG_0141And finally I put my two curling irons and straightener in my right drawer. Keeping like items together make it easier to find them, especially when you are in a hurry.

So that’s my tour. Thanks for stopping by! I hope I inspired you guys to go through and organize your beauty products. Even if you don’t have vanity, it makes getting ready for the day much less stressful when everything you need is well organized.

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