Dollar Tree Christmas Haul!


This year I had acquired a white Christmas tree from my parents. I was so excited because I have wanted one for a while. Now all I need to do is to decide how to decorate it. I spent hours on Pinterest and YouTube looking for ideas. I finally settled on a theme of silver and gold. I purchased a few items from JoAnn’s and Amazon when I found quiet a few Dollar Tree hauls on YouTube. I haven’t been to a Dollar Tree in years and had no idea they even sold any Christmas items. Boy, were my assumptions wrong! They had a huge selection of Christmas tree decorations as well as home décor. Plus everything was only $1!. I strongly suggest checking your local dollar store out, you never know what you might find. Anyway, here are the items I bought:

IMG_0159The Dollar Tree has many different types of snow flakes in multiple sizes. All very pretty with lots of glitter!


The small mirrored squares add a lovely sparkle to any tree.

IMG_0163I think I might go back and get more of the reindeer ornaments, they are just too cute! The two items at the bottom look are branches that resemble a tree.

IMG_0164And last, but not least white poinsettias that have clips on the back so you can attach them to branches and the garland, pinecones, that are going to be used for my table center piece. All of this only cost $26. So I hope you guys got some great ideas from this haul. The week after Thanksgiving I will post what they look like on my tree.

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