Christmas Décor Tour!

I can not tell you guys how excited I was when the tree I ordered from Amazon arrive 3 days early. Now, I usually don’t put up my Christmas decorations until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year I just could not wait. After running out the door without shoes on, I graciously grabbed the heavy box from the UPS guy and happily took it upstairs to my living room. I purchased a flocked tree after seeing so many YouTube videos and Pinterest photos of gorgeously decorated flocked trees. Here is a picture of it prior to decorating.

IMG_0580The only downside from getting a flocked tree is that the white material sheds ALOT! I vacuum under the tree almost daily. Anyway, moving on to my ornaments; which in my usually fashion of decorating, I spread all of the my ornaments all over the living room floor in order to see them all while I am deciding where to place them. I put my other décor on my dining room table until I figured out where else to put them as well.

So, after hours of fussing and tweaking, here is what the final product looks like:

IMG_0584I thought is turned out quite elegant. Next I moved onto my hutch, AKA my mantel.

IMG_0598The gold painted animals were a DIY gift from my sister years ago and they are a beautiful addition to my white reindeer on the left. I also really like the different shaped and colored trees, which gives the look dimension.  Last, but not least is my dining room table. I decided to just keep it simple, yet elegant.


So there is my Christmas décor tour. As you can see, I pretty much stuck to a theme of gold, white, and silver. For more information about where I purchased the bulk of my ornaments, check out my previous blog page, Dollar Tree Christmas Haul!. The rest of my décor and ornaments I purchased at Target, Amazon, and JoAnn’s. So that is all, happy decorating!!!

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