Winter Tea Party!

So some of the women on my husbands side and I have been getting together about once or twice a year to host a tea party for about the past 5 years. Each of use take turns hosting. I was very excited that it was my turn. I love winter, so I was extra ecstatic when the snow began to fall on my day. Now I will admit, it was not the fanciest tea party ever, but all of us women thoroughly enjoyed complaining about our husbands, I mean girl talk.


All of the pastries for my tea party were purchased at the local grocery store, which consisted of scones, pecan tarts, and red velvet cup cakes. I also made two different small sandwich’s. The first one was just with turkey lunch meat with cranberry spread to add a festive touch. The second sandwich was my favorite. My MIL suggested making a chicken salad sandwich. I have never made that before, so I decided to check out Pinterest. I  was able to find a really tasty recipe that I highly recommend trying. Click the link for the Savory chicken salad recipe. Finally the star of any tea party is the tea! Below is a picture of how I displayed my tea offerings:


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