Closet Organization!

Since Spring is just around the corner, I am already planning my Spring cleaning agenda. I thought today I will show you guys how I keep my small closet organized. So if you want tips for maximizing your closet space, just keep reading. Like many girls I love to shop for clothes and cute accessories. The only problem (besides the dent in my wallet) is that I have a small closet. It is so easy to just cram everything in there, hoping it will all fit. But all it does is create a nightmare every time you open it. Below are photos of what my closet looks like.

Here is a picture of the left side of my closet. You will see, I had installed a second bar to give me more space. Since tops generally do not hang very long, adding another bar will allow you to have double the garments! I do strongly suggest hanging all article of clothing the same direction. It not only looks neater, by clothes don’t seemed to get as tangled this way. Now, some people like to organize clothing by color coding, garment type, or even both. Do whatever works best for you. I personally only organize by garment type. I start with sleeveless on the far left, working all the way to long sleeve tops to the right. On the bar below I have tops in this order; open cardigans, button cardigans, sweaters and then jackets. I do strongly suggest hanging all article of clothing the same direction. It not only looks neater, but clothes don’t seemed to get as tangled this way.

img_0186.jpgNext we go onto the left side of my closet. This side only has one bar. I did not extend the second bar to that side because that is where I hang my longer garments like pants and dresses. Once again you can see I organize the items from smallest to largest, or from shorts to pants, then dresses.


The bottom of my closet is where I keep my shoes. I used to have stacks of shoebox’s sitting on the floor of the closet. Then one day I was tired of the hassle of going through the boxes every morning. I also realized I had not worm half of my shoes in years. So one day I did a complete overhaul of my shoe situation. Now I am so glad I did it. I will only keep as many shoes as my shelving system will hold.

Finally I will discuss storage bins. I defiantly recommend storage bins for the top of your closet rack. For years I use to just throw whatever onto the shelves, only to have them not only look messy, but things like to fall down all the time. Having these bins can save so much time when your getting ready in the morning. Below is how I organize two of my bins. In case you are wondering, I keep my handbags in the two bins that you see in the photo above. IMG_0192The biggest thing to do in order to keep an organized closet is continual purging. I go through my closet twice a year to remove outdated and old items. I found it was a lot less scary, I mean overwhelming when I did it often, versus once every five years or so. Well, this concludes my closet organization tour. Stay turned for more organization tips around the house.

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